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Business Process Integration - S/4HANA

Begins 08/01/2020


This course is designed for use as both a reference guide and a conceptual resource for professionals working with and around SAP S/4HANA. This material approaches real-world SAP topics using an integrated process perspective of the firm. Each process is discussed within the context of its execution across functional areas in the company. Students will gain a deep appreciation for the role of SAP S/4HANA systems in efficiently managing processes from multiple functional perspectives.

Designed for instructor-led, self-study & online courses in corporate learning environments.

  • Foundational Enterprise Systems concepts for end users & project teams
  • Digital learning of core principles and techniques related to integrated business process execution
  • Real-World examples of SAP S/4HANA “in action”
  • Self-Guided tutorials for critical SAP transactions in each process
  • Definitions and contextual explanation of key terms and concepts in SAP S/4HANA



  1. Introduction to Business Processes
  2. Introduction to Enterprise Systems
  3. Introduction to Accounting (FI/CO)
  4. The Procurement Process (MM)
  5. The Fulfillment Process (SD)
  6. The Production Process
  7. Inventory and Warehouse Management Processes (IWM)
  8. The Material Planning Process (PP)
  9. Process Integration
  10. Glossary of Key Terms and Definitions
  11. Index

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